Okay ladies, have you ever walked in your closet and felt as though you don’t have enough clothes, but yet to your friends and others you may have way too much? šŸ‘‹āœ‹šŸ‘‹ I have!!! Maybe it’s just me but shirts and pants especially are the two items I feel as though I don’t have enough of…or maybe it’s because I have a slight obsession with fashion? Can anyone say Shopaholics Anonymous! I’ve figured out on thing for sure; my clothes get lost in one another because they’re smooshed together in order to fit in the closet..hmmm maybe that’s why I don’t think I have enough clothes. Have you ever had that feeling where you find a shirt or your favorite pair of jeans you’ve forgotten about because you haven’t seen it in a while, and then you find it and it makes your day?!!! šŸ‘‹āœ‹šŸ‘‹I have!! So ladies if you understand what I’m going through or have a story of your own please don’t hesitate to comment below. Have a great day! šŸ˜„