I want to share with you guys a great DIY project. My friend had an old pair of shoes she didn’t wear anymore and decided to spice them up a bit. This project is really great because it allows you to recycle and is also cost effective. So for those of you who love glitter shoes, this is for you!

The materials needed are sandpaper, spray glue, clear spray enamel, gloves, the glitter of your choice (she used Glitter from Hancock Fabrics), painter’s tape, face masks, plastic grocery bags, and finally a surface that is either easy to clean or can be thrown away like cardboard. Work indoors with the windows open and a face mask to protect you from the fumes. First, scuff the shoes a bit; this will ensure that the glitter will adhere to the shoe. Then tape any area that would not be glittered: heels, soles, and insides (you can stuff them with plastic grocery bags, if you wish. Then begin to spray the shoes one section at a time. Wait about 5 seconds to let the glue become a little tacky. Then, begin to pour glitter onto shoes. The glitter she used had a top with holes so she could gage how much glitter she wanted to dump to eliminate waste and get even coverage. Switch from shoe to shoe until done. The glue worked so well she could get her shoes covered in one coat and didn’t have to go in layers. Afterwards, let your shoes dry. For this next step, I recommend you take your shoes outside. The spray enamel is very strong and should never be used indoors. Spray your shoes liberally with the clear spray enamel and allow to dry. Give your shoes at least six hours before you remove the tape and bag. And now you have a brand new pair of shoes!