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Welcome to “GIRL TALK”, a place where women can come and get away from their everyday lives! There will be topics about relationships,careers,travel and inspiring stories. Feel free to post questions that you may have daily and I will do my best to respond.

Girl Talk’s First Discussion Topic: Coming to terms with the reality of your relationship. When to hold on and when to let go?


1 thought on “Girl Talk”

  1. What seems to be evident in some relationships is that in the beginning “what I call the Honeymoon phase” everything may seem oh so “wonderful”, but the truth of the matter is until you see actions that show evidence their words are real, don’t get too excited. For me personally I have been one to know quite early what kind of potential relationship I can have with another person. You should know quite early whether you see them as friend or future partner. Don’t get me wrong, a man that starts off as just a friend first can potentially be the man for you, but first keep him as a friend and get to know him. Whichever category you see them in realize that is all you should expect of them at the moment. A problem I see in women is that they try to make that person they knew that was good for only one category fit into another. What glitters isn’t always gold.

    When you find yourself in a relationship, whatever kind it may be, and they aren’t doing what they CONTINUED to promise, then you need to realize the reality of the situation. What real expectations do you have for your future with this person? So many times we see people settling for that zero because they seem tired of waiting on their “prince” when in fact with a little patience…the right one may be right around the corner!

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